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  • Pro Art Clear Brush Box

    Pro Art Clear Brush Box

    This handy plastic brush box has a snap lock and two foam inserts that keep brushes secure during transport. The clear 12-1/2″L x 3″W box can hold up to 20 short-handle or long-handle brushes up to 12″ long.

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  • Ball Mason Jar

    Ball Mason Jar

    Classic Ball Mason Jars are perfect for storing and organizing small supplies around the studio. The multipurpose glass jars are also great for gift-giving crafts and décor projects. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes. Jars include airtight meta

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  • Guerrilla Painter Brush TUBZ

    Guerrilla Painter Brush TUBZ

    Brush TUBZ are perfect for artists who don’t have the time or means to wash their brushes while painting plein air. They give you plenty of time to get home and clean your brushes properly. Brush TUBZ are sold in a package of 12.

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  • Richeson Stainless Steel Canister

    Richeson Stainless Steel Canister

    A handy accessory for any artist’s workspace this stainless steel canister holds brushes art supplies solvents or water. It measures 5″ wide and 5-3/4″ high.

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  • Richeson Plein Air Travel Brush Set

    Richeson Plein Air Travel Brush Set

    Beautifully designed for the traveling painter the Richeson Plein Air Travel Brush Set comes in a handy pouch that doubles as a brush stand. The set holds seven high-quality short-handled golden synthetic brushes that are perfect for water media.

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  • Silver Brush Daniel Greene Detail Brush Set

    Silver Brush Daniel Greene Detail Brush Set

    Designed to the specifications of renowned portraitist Daniel Greene the Red Sable brushes in this set are ideal for portrait painters and other professional artists. Includes a black Tuscany travel case.

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  • Pro Art Telescoping Brush Holder

    Pro Art Telescoping Brush Holder

    A telescoping feature on this translucent plastic brush holder from Pro Art lets artists store and transport both long-handle and short-handle brushes with ease. Just twist and lock to extend it from 8-1/2″ to 14″ long. 1-5/8″ Dia opening.

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  • Loew-Cornell Studio Elements Brush Sets

    Loew-Cornell Studio Elements Brush Sets

    This set includes one each of Round Size 10/0 5/0 3/0 0 1 and 3.

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  • Masterson Sta-New Brush Holder

    Masterson Sta-New Brush Holder

    The Sta-New Brush Holder suspends your brushes bristle-end-down the best way to help them dry naturally while maintaining their shape. It holds up to 10 brushes and includes a tray to catch drip and can be mounted to an easel wall workbench or counter.

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  • Just Stow-It Brush Case

    Just Stow-It Brush Case

    The Just Stow-it Brush Case holds and protects up to 20 thin-handled brushes or ten thick-handled brushes in style. The Just Stow-It is also great for holding pens pencils and markers.

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  • Alvin Heritage Paintbrush Holders

    Alvin Heritage Paintbrush Holders

    Made of durable black nylon with a hook and loop closure this hard-cover brush holder protects small brushes and tools from damage. An adjustable drawstring cord secures the case so it stands upright and an elastic band holds brushes in place for easy acc

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  • Richeson Aluminum Brush Washer

    Richeson Aluminum Brush Washer

    The Richeson Aluminum Brush Washer is a practical solution for keeping brushes suspended in water or thinner while protecting their bristles. The spring coil holds several brushes at once while the removable screen protects the brushes from solids.

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  • Yasutomo Fudemaki Natural Brush Holder

    Yasutomo Fudemaki Natural Brush Holder

    This Fudemaki Natural Brush Holder is used for carrying brushes. It protects brush tips from damage and allows ventilation. It is ideal for any brushes but not for permanent storage.

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  • The Masters"" Clean-Up Kit

    The Masters”” Clean-Up Kit

    Each package contains a 1-1/2 oz bar of non-toxic hand soap and a 1 oz jar of brush cleaner and preserver. Just add water and watch the two all-purpose cleaners remove oils acrylics watercolors and stains gently from hands and brushes.

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  • Richeson Brush Basin Cylinder

    Richeson Brush Basin Cylinder

    The durable plastic brush basin cylinder is a great accessory to have at your side as you paint. It’s also handy for transporting items to and from the classroom or studio. The basin contains two 2-liter water buckets and a 16-compartment palette.

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  • Richeson Bamboo Brush Roll-up

    Richeson Bamboo Brush Roll-up

    Store and protect up to 12 of your brushes wet or dry within this airy bamboo roll-up cloth holder with tie.

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  • Loew-Cornell Brush Well

    Loew-Cornell Brush Well

    Safely store and transport your favorite brushes in this lightweight plastic tote that doubles as a water container.

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  • Loew-Cornell Brush Tub II

    Loew-Cornell Brush Tub II

    This new slim rectangular shaped tub has all the benefits of our classic round tub plus a new longer larger cleaning area a paint-saver palette a sectioned palette and graduated brush rests.

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  • Holbein Brush Washer

    Holbein Brush Washer

    This basic tin brush-washing canister has a lid and a handle for convenience. It measures 2-5/8″Dia at the top and 3-1/2″Dia at the bottom. It stands 3″ high.

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  • Holbein Bellows Brush Washer

    Holbein Bellows Brush Washer

    This sturdy plastic Bellows Brush Washer is great for “plein air” watercolor. It measures 3-3/4″ high when open and 1-1/2″ high when closed.

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  • Canvas Brush Organizer

    Canvas Brush Organizer

    For holding up to 60 brushes close at hand. Each 1-1/2″ wide pocket holds 1 large or up to 4 small brushes. Made of heavy-duty natural-cotton stitched canvas. Roll-up and carry or store. Also a smaller version with 24 pockets.

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  • Holbein Adjustable Brush Holder

    Holbein Adjustable Brush Holder

    Translucent plastic tube (1-1/4″ dia.) telescopes from 8-1/2″ to 13″ long to accommodate short or long handles.

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  • Richeson Deluxe Brush Washer

    Richeson Deluxe Brush Washer

    Removable screen traps solid particles to keep thinner cleaner longer. Flexible spiral holder protects brush heads. Has matching polished tin cover. Copper carrying handle allows easy carrying.

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  • Artist's Survival Kits

    Artist’s Survival Kits

    A great gift for any painter. All the products needed for cleaning hands clothes brushes and more. The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver 2-5/8 oz (75 gr) cake The Masters Artist’s Hand Soap 4-1/2 oz (126 gr) bar Kiss-Off Stain Remove

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  • Masterson Fresh Water Rinse Well

    Masterson Fresh Water Rinse Well

    Keeps fresh water at hand without multiple containers or trips to sink. Plastic water bottle fits base to form a well for brush cleaning. A reservoir holds used water. Pushbutton drain and refill operation.

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  • Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank

    Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank

    Stroke a brush across surface of aluminum coil to open and separate hairs for proper cleaning without damaging fragile flags (the delicate split ends of brush hairs). Heavy glass tank holds 12-oz of water or solvent.

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  • Richeson Plastic Brush Bin

    Richeson Plastic Brush Bin

    Soak shape store and wipe fine brushes in durable attractive basin. Anti-stick surface accepts any solvent. Bristles suspended in solvent don’t bend. Grooves in bottom aid in cleaning. Air-tight lid.

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  • Loew-Cornell Round Brush Tub

    Loew-Cornell Round Brush Tub

    Multi-purpose container holds water or solvents lift-off lid prevents evaporation. Openings of various sizes surround rim for upright brushes. Ridges on bottom aid in cleaning brushes. Made of unbreakable plastic.

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  • Robert Simmons Signet Brush Packs

    Robert Simmons Signet Brush Packs

    This set contains three long handle Chungking bristle brushes: Flat #4 Bright #6 and Round #1.

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  • Da Vinci Russian Red Sable Round Brush Sets

    Da Vinci Russian Red Sable Round Brush Sets

    This three-brush set contains Series 36 Round sizes 8 10 and 12.

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