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  • Testrite Mightee Mounts

    Testrite Mightee Mounts

    The unique frameless design of Mightee Mounts immediately attracts attention to whatever is displayed. The M-shaped steel base accommodates graphics up to 1″ thick. Interior holes with carriage bolts and wing nuts support graphics on a rigid substrate.

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  • Testrite Sign Holder

    Testrite Sign Holder

    These two-sided open poster holders are strong and lightweight. They make an effective visual communication tool. Single round pole 10″ (25 cm) cast iron base. Top slot for easy insertion.

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  • Speedball Deluxe Hinge Clamps

    Speedball Deluxe Hinge Clamps

    For firm fastening to frame. Positive locking provides perfect registration. Wide-wing thumbscrew. Fabricated from rust-resistant cast aluminum.

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  • Blick Tite-Stretch Cord

    Blick Tite-Stretch Cord

    For finishing wooden screem frames and wooden ballusters. Uniform diameter for perfect non-slip fit.

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  • AWT Fabric Cleaning Brush

    AWT Fabric Cleaning Brush

    For cleaning screen fabrics. Stiff plastic bristles work cleaning agents into material to work up a “tooth” for best film adhesion. Bristles are set in wood block.

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  • Blick Wooden Balusters

    Blick Wooden Balusters

    Make your own economical screen frames from Blick’s already mitered and grooved frame pieces. They can be assembled anyway you choose: nails staples or glue.

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  • Monofilament Polyester Screen Fabric

    Monofilament Polyester Screen Fabric

    This white anti-halo monofilament polyester is especially good for 4-color process and close-tolerance screen printing. It’s excellent for fine detail. The fabric is uniformly woven of the finest polyester monofilament thread.

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  • AWT Standard-Grade Screen Printing Unit

    AWT Standard-Grade Screen Printing Unit

    This unit also includes three stainless steel registration guides.

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  • AWT Cord Setter

    AWT Cord Setter

    Tool presses cord tightly into grooves with tap of hammer. Plastic handle has steel blade. Frame balluster reamer is mounted on handle.

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  • AWT Stainless Steel Registration Guides

    AWT Stainless Steel Registration Guides

    These long-lasting tempered stainless steel registration guides are used for any thin stock printing application. Simply tape the guides into position on the printing bed and slide the stock into the same place for perfect registration print after print.

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  • Opaque Black Tape

    Opaque Black Tape

    This is a matte finish opaque black photographic tape with black backing for optimum light-blocking and masking. It is used in photo processing labs to mask unwanted portions of transparencies patch holes and repair camera bellows.

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  • 3M Scotch Black Photo Tape

    3M Scotch Black Photo Tape

    Use 3M Scotch Black Photo Tape for everyday photographic needs. This photo tape blocks out more light than masking tape and the glue holds longer and doesn’t melt the way electrical tape does.

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  • Blick Sheffield Frames

    Blick Sheffield Frames

    A contemporary flat frame with a 1-5/16″ wide profile the Blick Sheffield Frame is ideal for framing photos sketches or prints. Available in Black or Silver with a bevel-cut mat a backing board hanging hardware and a styrene face.

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  • Ook Frameless Framing Clips

    Ook Frameless Framing Clips

    Ideal for unframed artwork Ook Frameless Framing Clips are easy to install and will frame anything up to 26″ x 26″ square.

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  • Swiss Clips

    Swiss Clips

    Almost invisible hanger look for hanging pictures up to 30″ x 30″. Four spring-loaded steel clips will hold together backing art and glass or clear acrylic sheets.

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  • Swiss Poster Clip Hangers Kit

    Swiss Poster Clip Hangers Kit

    For supporting items up to 60 lbs. with almost invisible hanger look. Combines Swiss Clips and Swiss Corner Clips. With string and a hanging bracket. Clips at corners middle and sides prevent bowing.

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  • Swiss Corner Clips

    Swiss Corner Clips

    For near-invisible clip look. Spring-loaded arms of metal corner clips securely hold any size or shape of glass picture matboard up to 30″ x 30″ 3/8″ thick. Nylon cord pulls corners together. Supports up to 60-lbs.

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  • Clip-It Frame Clips

    Clip-It Frame Clips

    For mounting stretched canvas paintings in wooden picture frames. Strong steel clips quickly snap onto standard size stretcher bars. Won’t damage frame or artwork. (Not for round or oval canvas). Easy snap-out removal.

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  • Blick Maplewood Floater Frames

    Blick Maplewood Floater Frames

    Available in a variety of popular sizes to accommodate 3/4″ deep or 7/8″ deep canvases the Blick Maple Floater Frame is made from genuine American maple hardwood.

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  • Blick Sierra Wood Frames

    Blick Sierra Wood Frames

    Enhance your photos prints and paintings with the natural aged-paint finish of the Blick Sierra frame.

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  • Blick Gaviota Driftwood Frames

    Blick Gaviota Driftwood Frames

    In Spanish “gaviota” means seagull and these fine-quality brushed driftwood frames evoke the charm of the sea with their rustic weathered appearance.

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  • Blick Loma Wood Frames

    Blick Loma Wood Frames

    Made of 100% solid American pine from renewable forests the Loma is finished with furniture-quality stains then hand-rubbed to bring out its natural beauty.

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  • Blick Aliso Wood Frames

    Blick Aliso Wood Frames

    The latest twist on Blick’s popular Simplon frame the Aliso is modern and versatile √¢‚Ǩ‚Äù simplicity at its best!

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  • Blick Classique Wood Frames

    Blick Classique Wood Frames

    These ready-made frames are crafted from solid pine then hand finished with fine-quality stains and softly antiqued to give the look of an expensive custom-made frame. Each frame has a wood liner.

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  • Blick Driftwood Frames with Wood Liner

    Blick Driftwood Frames with Wood Liner

    These fine-quality frames are made from solid pine and expertly stained to complement your home décor. The driftwood lends a rustic weathered look ideal for complementing landscape and wildlife scenes. Every frame includes a wood liner.

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  • Blick Unfinished Wood Frames

    Blick Unfinished Wood Frames

    Stain it paint it decorate it! Blick’s unfinished wood frame is sanded and ready to complement your creative vision. Made from unfinished pine sourced from renewable American forests this frame is 1√Ç¬Ω” deep ideal for stretched canvases or your favorite

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  • Nielsen Bainbridge Gallery Perfect Frame Sets

    Nielsen Bainbridge Gallery Perfect Frame Sets

    This kit includes White or Black Frames with mats. 4 6″ x 8″ frames with 4″ x 6″ mat opening 2 8″ x 10″ frames with 5″ x 7″ mat opening 1 12″ x 16″ frame with 8″ x 1

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  • Blick Simplon Plein Air Econo Frames

    Blick Simplon Plein Air Econo Frames

    A scaled-down version of our popular Simplon frame the Simplon Econo offers equally elegant simplicity in six rich finishes and a variety of sizes. It features a 3/8″ rabbet.

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  • Blick Concerto Wood Frames

    Blick Concerto Wood Frames

    Elegantly hand-crafted and finished with closed corners the Concerto has a timeless look and appeal reminiscent of old-world European frames.

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  • Blick Museo Wood Frames

    Blick Museo Wood Frames

    A handmade frame with traditional styling and closed corners the Blick Museo wood frame features a ribbed molding with a scoop liner.

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