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  • 3M Dust Cover Backing Paper

    3M Dust Cover Backing Paper

    Protect artwork from dust and debris while giving your framing projects a professional finished look. 40 lb kraft paper.

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  • Lineco Acid-Free Tissue

    Lineco Acid-Free Tissue

    This unbuffered acid-free white tissue paper offers a softer alternative to glassine. Use for interleaving folding or to protect delicate papers or fabric from acid migration. 12 sheets per pack.

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  • Glassine Interleaving Paper

    Glassine Interleaving Paper

    For covering prints in storage and interleaving books. Milky white translucent paper (.001″ thick) and Neutral pH.

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  • Strathmore Museum Barrier Paper

    Strathmore Museum Barrier Paper

    Opaque paper originally made as a protective sheet for archival work. Also used as economical acid-free lightweight drawing paper. 100% cotton neutral pH. 32″ √ó 40″.

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  • Legion Interleaving Paper

    Legion Interleaving Paper

    Made of pH-neutral 100% high-alpha cellulose this thin white paper made by Legion is made especially for “interleaving” √¢‚Ǩ‚Äù the process of separating stacked prints to prevent any ink from offsetting.

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  • Legion Rising Barrier Paper

    Legion Rising Barrier Paper

    Rising Barrier Paper is suitable for a variety of applications. This paper is actually a single-ply version of Rising Museum Board. A popular paper because of its versatility Rising Barrier Paper can also be used for hand lithography letterpress matting o

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  • Duck Packing Paper

    Duck Packing Paper

    Duck Packing Paper protects surfaces from scuffs scratches and dust and is ideal for packing or storing.

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  • Lineco Acid-Free Glassine Sheets

    Lineco Acid-Free Glassine Sheets

    Layering glassine between your art and documents guards against acid migration and abrasion. Lineco Acid-Free Glassine is museum quality smooth transparent and folds easily.

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