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  • Studio Color Wheel Poster

    Studio Color Wheel Poster

    This double-sided poster is ideal for hanging in your classroom studio office or anywhere you work with color. The front side includes complete instructions for using the Ives Color Wheel and the reverse side features a rich textural collage of imagery th

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  • Crayola My First Palm-Grasp Crayons

    Crayola My First Palm-Grasp Crayons

    Solid crayons in a fun easy-to-grip shape! Designed to survive toddler-hood these whimsical art tools are designed especially for the size and grip of a toddler’s hands. The egg-shaped crayons are instinctive and comfortable to hold and play with allowing

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  • Faber-Castell Jumbo Beeswax Crayon Sets

    Faber-Castell Jumbo Beeswax Crayon Sets

    Perfect for little hands to hold these Jumbo Beeswax Crayons from Faber-Castell have a triangular shape that teaches children the proper grip and won’t roll off desks or tables!

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  • Lyra Lyrax Wax-Giant Crayons

    Lyra Lyrax Wax-Giant Crayons

    This set includes one each of the following colors: Lemon Vermilion Deep Cobalt Hooker’s Green Raw Umber and Black.

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  • Jacquard Syringes

    Jacquard Syringes

    An excellent tool for all artists Jacquard Syringes are great for detail work and transferring paint. The clear plastic syringes are easy to clean and won’t leak even when working with thin liquids. Made in the USA.

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  • Alumicolor Alumidrafter Drafting and Measuring Tool

    Alumicolor Alumidrafter Drafting and Measuring Tool

    Use the all-in-one Alumicolor Alumidrafter Drafting and Measuring Tool to measure and scale drawings draft circles and arcs and draw angles and triangles. The portable two-sided tool has 16 calibrations featuring all the standard measurements an architect

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  • Amaco Clay Texture Rollers

    Amaco Clay Texture Rollers

    This class pack contains four handles and four sleeves including one each of Koi Fish Pre-Columbian Tribal and Vine-Leaf. The sleeves measure 41/4″(11 cm) wide.

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  • Sk8ology Skateboard Deck Display Wall Mount Hanger

    Sk8ology Skateboard Deck Display Wall Mount Hanger

    Treat your collectible skateboard decks like the artwork they are! The Sk8ology Skateboard Deck Display Wall Mount Hanger is made from clear polycarbonite with stainless steel hardware Its one screw/drywall anchor installation means multiple holes aren’t

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  • Cedar Canyon Rubbing Plates

    Cedar Canyon Rubbing Plates

    These generously sized 7″ x 7″ plates are great for more than just traditional rubbings √¢‚Ǩ‚Äù use them to create unique patterns on fabric clay metal foil paper castings and more.

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  • Arnold Grummer's Template Collections

    Arnold Grummer’s Template Collections

    For use with 51/2″ x 81/2″ (14 cm x 22 cm) paper. Templates include a folding heart card a gift tag and envelope an invitation and an assortment of gift tags. Easy‚Äëto‚Äëfollow instructions are also included.

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  • Mosaic Mercantile Mosaic Tool Kit

    Mosaic Mercantile Mosaic Tool Kit

    The Mosaic Mercantile Mosaic Tool Kit features four essential tools chosen specifically for mosaic projects. Use the tools to position smaller pieces of tile mirror or gems just where you want them to create beautiful detailed designs. The set includes a

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  • Roylco Child's First Stencil Set

    Roylco Child’s First Stencil Set

    This heavy-duty stencil set introduces kids to the fun of using stencils with simply designed objects and animals – airplane barn horse dog etc. Durable easy-to-clean plastic handles the rough treatment young kids can dish out. Stencils are 7″ √ó 8″.

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  • Studio Pro Breaker/Grozer Pliers

    Studio Pro Breaker/Grozer Pliers

    This versatile tool serves two purposes in the studio. When glass can’t be handled comfortably use the breaking feature to break the glass along score lines. Then turn the tool over and use it as a grozer to nibble glass away from the edges.

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  • Roylco Rubbing Plate Sets

    Roylco Rubbing Plate Sets

    Place paper over the top of these high impact plastic plates and rub with crayons to transfer fabulous designs and patterns. Or use them to emboss clay projects. Each set contains several different plates. An idea guide and reference chart are included.

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  • Jennifer's Mosaics Scorer/Breaker

    Jennifer’s Mosaics Scorer/Breaker

    Cut and trim pieces of glass tile and ceramics for use in mosaic art. Turn found materials such as broken china into creative masterpieces. This tool scribes the surface of tile or glass then makes a clean break with gentle but forceful pressure.

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  • Jennifer's Mosaics Wheeled Glass Nipper

    Jennifer’s Mosaics Wheeled Glass Nipper

    Use the Wheeled Glass Nipper for more precise cuts on tiles or larger glass and ceramic pieces. These hardened steel cutting wheels score glass tile to create a clean and deliberate break. Score first squeeze the pliers and voil√°!

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  • Jennifer's Mosaics Professional Tile Nipper

    Jennifer’s Mosaics Professional Tile Nipper

    For 1/4″ thick tiles. Nips tiles into halves quarters and diagonals. Glass tile cracks cleanly and not shatter. 5/8″ cutting blades are made of highest quality tungsten-carbide steel.

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  • Hot Wire Foam Factory Precision Engraver Kit

    Hot Wire Foam Factory Precision Engraver Kit

    Add gorgeous detail to your foam creations with the Hot Wire Foam Factory Precision Engraver Kit. It’s the fun fast and easy way to engrave foam sculptures models letters signs and more. Just the pointed tip of this fine finishing tool heats up. Comes wit

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  • 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips

    3M Command Picture Hanging Strips

    No more nail holes cracked plaster or sticky residue. Command Picture Hanging Strips make decorating quick and easy. One click tells you the strips are locked in and holding tight. The strips remove cleanly. Available in narrow small medium and large size

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  • Invisible Ceiling Hook

    Invisible Ceiling Hook

    Just clip on the grid of a suspended ceiling and hang plants signs mobiles et cetera. The Invisible Ceiling Hook is made of clear plastic and is easy to place on and off. Comes in packages of 2.

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  • Alumicolor Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Alumidrafter

    Alumicolor Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Alumidrafter

    Create like Frank Lloyd Wright. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Alumicolor AlumiDrafter is a 4-in-1 drafting tool that can easily slip into a folder or notebook for on-the-go architects.

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  • Alumicolor Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Drafting Scale

    Alumicolor Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Drafting Scale

    An essential for architects engineers landscapers builders and more the Alumicolor Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Drafting Scale is a highly accurate measuring tool for all kinds of projects.

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  • Maped Precision Bow Compass

    Maped Precision Bow Compass

    Looking for a compass with lots of style? Choose the Maped Precision Bow Compass — the compass for those who appreciate quality precision and attractive design.

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  • Staedtler 550 Compass with Universal Adapter

    Staedtler 550 Compass with Universal Adapter

    The Staedtler 550 Compass is precision compass that’s ideal for students’ first technical drawing exercises. Ribbed legs offer an easier grip while the universal adapter accommodates almost any writing instrument.

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  • Fairgate Printer's Ruler

    Fairgate Printer’s Ruler

    A must for producing mechanical layouts for ads and other printed materials the Fairgate Printer’s Ruler is calibrated along both edges in picas points (6 and 12) and inches (down to 1/16ths).

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  • Fairgate Cuff Width Ruler

    Fairgate Cuff Width Ruler

    The Fairgate Cuff Width Ruler provides you with accurate widths and lengths for any straight line cuff.

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  • Kern Jointed Bow Compasses

    Kern Jointed Bow Compasses

    Fine-quality Kern Jointed Bow Compasses are made in Italy. They feature all-brass construction nickel-glazed legs and a cool gray and red finish.

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  • Maped Study Compass

    Maped Study Compass

    Maped’s Study Compass offer sleek styling durable metal construction and a universal holder that accommodates almost any writing instrument. The ergonomic design is comfortable to grip and easy to use.

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  • Fairgate Curve Stick

    Fairgate Curve Stick

    Used by fashion designers for lapels elbows skirts slacks trousers and anywhere a special contour is needed the Fairgate Curve Stick is made of aluminum and calibrated with standard American measurements in 1/8th inch increments.

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  • Alvin Ames Lettering Guide

    Alvin Ames Lettering Guide

    Whether you’re writing calligraphy on wedding invitations or lettering comic strips the Alvin Ames Lettering Guide ensures consistency in the size and uniformity of your letters.

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